Development sprint day 4 - take 203 Sep 2008

Things are moving fast here now! We just had a meeting to discuss what to do the rest of the week, and the outcome was this:

  • Henner and Jan will work on a new fancy feature for KPA, namely image stacking. Image stacking will allow you to mark a number of images to be the same shot (think 10 images of Grand Canyon being almost the same, or a raw image converter and cropped in different ways)
  • Jan will postpone his work on IPTC, until he gets home, and will work with Henner on the image stacking
  • Henner will likely work on scanning for new images in the background when he gets home
  • Jesper is sick and tired of the infobox by now, but will work on that when he gets..., well after the development sprint
  • Tuomas and Jesper will together work on the SQL backend the rest of the week, hopefully bring it to a stage where that can be the default by the end of the week - no more XML backend! However XML export and import will be available, and the DB will initially be a SQLLite, so no database server needs to be set up.
  • we had all to hold Jan back from adding GPS feaures to KPA this week (note: he just got a new toy ;-)

Development sprint day 403 Sep 2008

Its now Wednesday morning, we are approximate half way through the one week KPA development sprint, so better make some status here.

It is almost nine in the morning, and the only people up is my wife, Gunvald (our dog) and I (Jesper). The rest of the crowd is still sleeping, on the other hand, the last commit was 2 o'clock, so I guess I'll let them sleep for another hour, before it is time for the yearly fire alarm test evil grin.

We've all worked in our own areas so far, still supporting each other with ideas, suggestions, and review.

  • Tuomas has worked on getting the SQL backend up and working again. I expect that I will help him with that the rest of the week, hopefully we will get it to a state where it will be somewhat ready for mainstream.
  • Henner has worked on improving the loading of thumbnails, and indeed the thumnbnail view feels much faster now.
  • Jan is working on IPTC import and export - the idea is to allow the user to make the mapping between the tags in scripts.
  • Finally, I have been, well what have I done?! Henner arrived half a day early compared to Tuomas, so he and I decided we would just fix the info box in the viewer, before Tuomas showed up. Well I've been working on that beeeeeep info box ever since. Well that and the speed display (the window telling you the pause between each image when running a slide show. So both windows are transparent, and looking real sexy. The problem (and the reason why I've focused so much on it) was phonon. With phonon in there the widgets was flickering, even though the phonon widget was not even visible on the screen. So I've also spend a fair amount of time trying to get video support working. The answer to it all in the end was to upgrade to a KDE 4 desktop :-o

Finally a picture both showing us and the transparent infobox
the KPA team

KPhotoAlbum Developer Sprint 2008 starts30 Aug 2008

There are some things the KPA developers wanted to get done for some time now (for instance working on the SQL backend) - and the best way to focus and do it, is to come together in person for some time. So the main author Jesper came up with the idea for the KPhotoAlbum Developer Sprint 2008.

Jesper is so kind to host this event - a week of discussing and coding - in his home in Denmark. Right now, Jesper, Henner and Tuomas are here already and we expect Jan later this evening.

Expect some update this week.


KPhotoAlbum 3.1.1 Released17 Feb 2008

It's our pleasure to announce availability of a new bugfix release of great photo and video tagging tool, KPhotoAlbum. It is available from standard place or from your favorite distribution's package database.

While new features are being added to the KDE4 version, we have decided to roll out a bugfix release that fixes some issues people have reported. This is probably the last release based on KDE3 code.

Bugs fixed include numerous improvements in the KIPI Plugins interface, fullscreen fix for some Ubuntu users and usability improvements.

KPhotoAlbum 3.1.0 Released23 Nov 2007

It's our pleasure to announce availability of new release of a great photo and video tagging tool, KPhotoAlbum. It is available from standard place or from your favorite distribution's package database.

New killing features™:

  • IPTC support
  • More RAW formats are recognized

Usability improvements:

  • No need to use "Select All" before launching Viewer
  • Allow copying tags from previous image in Annotation Dialog
  • Edit->Copy menu for copying a list of images to clipboard
  • Mouse cursor hiding in Viewer

And of course also many bug fixes and speed improvements.

Release notes:

  • If you decide to build with EXIF support (you should), KPA now requires exiv2-0.15 or higher
  • If you want RAW file support, please use libkdcraw-0.1.1 or newer

KDE 4 porting started of KPhotoAlbum01 Jul 2007

April 4th I got married, and at the same time I bought a house. Marriage doesn't take much extra time, but a house certainly does!

But this weekend I'm in Glasgow, and fortunately the terrorist missed me - actually I arrived in Glasgow 1 hour prior to the attach.

So this is the time, now I've started porting KPhotoAlbum to Qt4/KDE4, stay tuned for more information.