Second Round of Votes started.22 Sep 2006

See Second round of votes for details on how to vote.

Contest Over - Time to Vote16 Sep 2006

The Splash screen contest is over, now it is time to vote. See for details on the voting. Your first round vote needs to be in by Wednesday Sep. 20th 18.00 CET.

New Snapshot with greatly improved annotation dialog06 Sep 2006

A new snapshot has just been released, which has one major improvement, namely that the annotation dialog now uses list boxes with check boxes for each item. This has two advantages (1) the intention is clearer to new comers (2) We don't need explicit "Merge" and "Remove" actions from multi image annotations.

New Snapshot with DND support for reordering sub categories27 Aug 2006

I hate people questioning the usability of KPhotoAlbum. But that is nothing compared to how much I hate when they are right :-)

This weekend I've been working on implementing sub category reordering using drag and drop in the annotation dialog. So if you want to tell KPhotoAlbum that Las Vegas is in USA, just grab it with your mouse, and drop it on USA.

As a side effect of this, the items in the list boxes have now changed to check boxes, and an item is marked as on an image when checked (in contrast to, when selected), I hope this will make KPhotoAlbum just a little bit more accessible for newcomers.

Contest: Create a new Splash Screen for KPhotoAlbum24 Aug 2006

The splash screen contest started yesterday just got more exciting. You now have the chance of winning $100. see contest info

Contest: Create a new Splash Screen for KPhotoAlbum.23 Aug 2006

Tonight I called for a contest to create a new splash screen for KPhotoAlbum. See the incoming suggestions or mail me your suggestion.

You have until Sep 15 midnight to send me a suggestion, and after that the KPhotoAlbum community will vote on which one will be in the next release.

Please leave some space for the version number an the status messages in your image, these are added dynamically during the start of KPhotoAlbum.