New Snapshot with DND support for reordering sub categories27 Aug 2006

I hate people questioning the usability of KPhotoAlbum. But that is nothing compared to how much I hate when they are right :-)

This weekend I've been working on implementing sub category reordering using drag and drop in the annotation dialog. So if you want to tell KPhotoAlbum that Las Vegas is in USA, just grab it with your mouse, and drop it on USA.

As a side effect of this, the items in the list boxes have now changed to check boxes, and an item is marked as on an image when checked (in contrast to, when selected), I hope this will make KPhotoAlbum just a little bit more accessible for newcomers.

Contest: Create a new Splash Screen for KPhotoAlbum24 Aug 2006

The splash screen contest started yesterday just got more exciting. You now have the chance of winning $100. see contest info

Contest: Create a new Splash Screen for KPhotoAlbum.23 Aug 2006

Tonight I called for a contest to create a new splash screen for KPhotoAlbum. See the incoming suggestions or mail me your suggestion.

You have until Sep 15 midnight to send me a suggestion, and after that the KPhotoAlbum community will vote on which one will be in the next release.

Please leave some space for the version number an the status messages in your image, these are added dynamically during the start of KPhotoAlbum.

Second Snapshot Ready23 Aug 2006

Today I fixed two crashes in KPhotoAlbum, one which occurred when scrolling in the thumbnail viewer. The other occurred when clicking on the date bar with the middle or right mouse button.

In addition two smaller issues has been addressed. First it is now possible to bind keys to rotate the image in the annotation dialog. Second, clicking on an image in the thumbnail viewer will no longer start a new viewer, but reuse the old one.

Finally, a new splash screen has been added. This is the beginning of a contest to create a splash screen for KPhotoAlbum.

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First Snapshot of Next KPhotoAlbum version available22 Aug 2006

OK, we are slowly approaching the next release (well I expect 2-3 month till the actually release, but this also includes all sort of freezes). So it is time to get started creating snapshots for you all to try.

And there are many good reasons to try out this snapshot, but most important is of course to get rid of bugs, so you don't have to be bothered the next year with an annoying bug similar to the selection bugs in the thumbnail view that must have annoyed you like hell.

In this snapshot you will find these new features and bug fixes compared to the 2.2 release:

  • Support for video files. KPhotoAlbum will now find all your videos, and create thumbnails for them (if you have the right software installed. If it doesn't have a look at MPlayerThumbs). With the video support you will of course be able to annotate your videos like you may annotate your images. And of course you may also show your videos, either in the viewer, or if that does not work (good enought) by invoking an external viewer from the context menu.
  • Hierarchies in the browser The browser now shows the hierarchies among your categories (Las Vegas is in USA kind of stuff). These hierarchies are also shown in the annotation dialog.
  • Improved Annotation dialog The annotation dialog now hides items as you type in the line edit, and that way makes it so much easier to find the name of a person whom you only remember the first part of.
  • Selection problems solved. And to the relief of so many of you, the selection problem from the previous release have now been fixed.

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The Icon View stay and gets improved20 Aug 2006

A few weeks ago I was considering throwing the icon view used in the browser out, but by accident I tried it with a larger icon size, and found that to be really useful. So now it is possible (in SVN) to configure the icon size, to e.g. look like this:

Iconview screenshot