New snapshot23 Oct 2006

Time flies doesn't it? I've started on some business classes, which drains me for a lot of time, so progress has slowed down a lot. Never the less I managed to get a few bugs fixed, so here a new snapshot is now available.

The votes have been counted, and KPhotoAlbum now has a new splash screen28 Sep 2006

The votes have been counted, and KPhotoAlbum now has a new splash screen. Congratulation to the winner Jaroslav Holaň.

Splash Screen

New Snapshot available24 Sep 2006

As you might have been able to tell, I've returned back home from my one year hotel stay, and besides spending more time with my girlfriend, I've started studying in the evening two nights a week. This has taking time away from KPA work, but I'm still slowly advancing towards the next release.

Today I got a few hours of work done on KPA in the morning before my girlfriend got out of bed, so I guess it is time for a new snapshot.

Second Round of Votes started.22 Sep 2006

See Second round of votes for details on how to vote.

Contest Over - Time to Vote16 Sep 2006

The Splash screen contest is over, now it is time to vote. See for details on the voting. Your first round vote needs to be in by Wednesday Sep. 20th 18.00 CET.

New Snapshot with greatly improved annotation dialog06 Sep 2006

A new snapshot has just been released, which has one major improvement, namely that the annotation dialog now uses list boxes with check boxes for each item. This has two advantages (1) the intention is clearer to new comers (2) We don't need explicit "Merge" and "Remove" actions from multi image annotations.