Communication Channels

Communication in the KPhotoAlbum community is happening over the following media:


If you need help with KPhotoAlbum you can reach us on the #kphotoalbum matrix channel. Feel free to ask any questions related to KPhotoAlbum or image management, or just hang out with us. The channel is low volume and is covered by the KDE Code of Conduct.

The matrix channel is bridged to the #kphotoalbum channel on the Libera IRC network.

Mailing List

Our mailing list can be found at It’s used for all kind of communication, discussion, questions and so on.

The discussion lists are archived so it might be useful to read what has happened in the past.

Bugzilla - The KDE Bug tracker

Bugs, inconveniences, and feature wishes are all entered into bugzilla.

To enter a bug in bugzilla, you may either go through the wizard or go directly to the KPhotoAlbum Bug Entry. The later requires that you have an account but following the URL allows you to create an account right away.

Follow this link to see the list of open issues