KPhotoAlbum 4.0.1 released21 May 2009

A new bugfix release have been made of KPhotoAlbum. Changes since the 4.0 release are:

  • The handbook are now included in the package
  • Fix compilation with new Marble and armel (Marble changed API again)
  • fixed bug #186807 - no cancel button in "create own database dialog
  • fixed bug #192385 - it was not possible to hide items in the annotation between sessions.
  • Changed default shortcut for copy from previous image in the annotation dialog to Alt+insert, as control+insert was eaten by the line edits, and the shortcut did thus not work when they had the keyboard focus.
  • BUGFIX: The HTML generator did not display the available themes correctly. Thanks to for a patch for this.
  • BUGFIX: Invoke external application for multiple files did not work. Thanks to for a patch for this.

Competition: Make the coolest KPhotoAlbum demo video and win $10012 May 2009

Years ago I got the idea to record some demo videos for KPhotoAlbum, you can see them on the video section of the homepage. Despite how informative they are, they are getting outdated (for one thing they are using the old name for the application - KimDaBa - all the time).

Today I therefore launch a new competition to record the coolest demo video for KPhotoAlbum, and everyone can participate. The prize is $100 (payed using paypal).

The rules

  • The competition ends on Sunday June 14th 2009, 23:59 CET
  • Once the competition is over, everyone from the KPhotoAlbum mailing list gets one vote (details on voting is mailed later)
  • To participate, you must upload a video on youtube making a showcase for KPhotoAlbum, one of its features, a way that you like working with it, or whatever you think would be useful to newcomers of KPhotoAlbum.
  • The video must be recorded using KPhotoAlbum 4.0 - please mail The KPhotoAlbum mailing list if you have any problems installing that version.
  • Also, please mail a short description of the video.
  • All videos will be linked to from the video section of the homepage
  • You may submit as many videos to the competition as you like

Some technical hints

You are completely free to choose your styles, resolution, etc, but for the video to be useful to most users, I suggest:

  • Keep the length of a video to at most 5 minutes
  • Limit the resolution to 800x600
  • Make sure to speak loud an clearly
  • English is the preferred language, both for GUI and voice
  • Write a script before recording, so you know what to do
  • I found that the application recordmydesktop was a nice tool for recording such a video.

KPhotoAlbum for KDE 4 released11 May 2009

After years of migrating efforts KPhotoAlbum for KDE 4 was finally released today. Download

KPhotoAlbum 4.0 is mainly a port from KDE 3 to KDE 4, but it does contain one major new feature, namely stacking, and a number of minor polishing.


Image stacking allows you to mark a number of images to be the same shot (think 10 images of Grand Canyon being almost the same, or a raw image converter and cropped in different ways).


  • It is now possible to search for images with changed MD5 sum - very useful for searching for corrupted image files.
  • It is now possible to configure the aspect ratio in the thumbnail viewer
  • "Show this image" will now load all images in current view, thus making pressing Ctrl+A optional.
  • Recognize .flv and .erf files
  • In the annotation dialog there now is a new button for copying the annotations from the previous image.
  • Display a warning instead of black screen when current image can't be shown in the Viewer
  • Support PEF, a raw format from Pentax' DSLRs.
  • Add Edit->Copy for copying a list of URLs to selected images to clipboard.
  • Automatically hide mouse cursor and disable screensaver when in Viewer
  • Add Edit->Open List of Files menu that shows list of thumbnails that matches user-entered stuff.
  • The import dialog will now check if an image already exists in the DB with the same MD5 sum, and offer to merge the information about the images.
  • Keywords has now been replaced with Events in the default setup that people will get when they create a new database.

First snapshot for KDE 4 released!11 Feb 2009

Did you ever wonder if the day would come when a KDE 4 version of KPhotoAlbum was released? Well today we got much closer to that day with our first snapshot for KDE 4.

Besides image stacking, there isn't much new stuff seen from the users perspective, but that doesn't mean that nothing has happend since the last release. KPhotoAlbum has taken a huge leap, under the hood, forward with the rewrite to KDE4.

So please give us a hand, and download this snapshot, and let us know all the bugs you find.

Download the snapshot from Download → Snapshots

-- Jesper

KPhotoAlbum Go Cart Team06 Sep 2008

If you only are interested in KPhotoAlbum, and not its developers, stop reading.

So the week is soon over, we've all been shouting at each other from time to time, but overall I'd say it was reaaaally greeeeat (quote from the movie Office Space, which we saw early on.

Yesterday evening it was time for a bit of old-style fun (in contrast to the new style fun, called KPhotoAlbum development). We went out driving go cart and bowling. Lets start from the end. Tuomas obviously was a champ in bowling, so he kind of got twice as many point as the rest of us.

Go cart on the other hand was slightly different, the fattest guy on the team was also the fastest (If you think you read fastest twice, then read again :-) - faster by more than TWO rounds. I won't reveal here who won, but I urge you all to read the commit messages which might sheed some light over it all (e.g. this, this or this message)

Go cart preparation

Thursday evening, we btw also did a bit of old style fun: namely flying kites (or as Jesper called it the whole time dragons (which it is called in Danish (hmm to many parentheses (this is not lisp)))) Kites

-- Jesper

Progress of the SQL database backend05 Sep 2008

While Jan and Henner have been concentrating on the stacking feature, me and Jesper have been struggling in the database land.

So the SQL database support is progressing. I ported the SQL backend to QtSQL when the KDE 4 port of KPhotoAlbum was started, but back then I did not really have time to test it. So my first work here was to finish the port and make the backend work again, now with KDE 4 and QtSQL. That was not so hard after all, and now I am able to save my KPhotoAlbum database to SQL again. Currently I'm working with SQLite database, but others like MySQL and PostgreSQL will (probably) be supported too.

Then we also had few longish discussions how to make the damn thing fast. First we are optimizing the "Show thumbnails" action for all images. It's currently very slow with the SQL backend, if you have a lot of images (like 10 000 or more). We came up with an idea, that probably solves it and are already implementing it.

Schema of the database was also reviewed, leading to some field renames, which are good to make at this point before anybody uses the database for real work.

One big difference of the SQL backend compared to XML backend is error handling. Because XML backend is handled in memory and used by only a single user at a time, the operations done with it basically cannot fail, but with the SQL that is not the case. For example we have a problem when connection to database is lost while runnig the application or when there are some conflicts when users concurrently change the database.

The biggest problem for me to implement error handling was that I thought that basicly the whole user interface would have to be rewritten to do the right thing when there is an error. And so it would be a lot of work. Gladly Jan came up with a good solution to that. We just use a functor in the database API to give an error handler for the database backend and handle the errors in the database side. That functor could then pop up a dialog to ask user if she wants to try again or abort.

— Tuomas