New Homepage Layout30 Dec 2006

The winner of the splash screen competition has kindly created a new layout for the KPhotoAlbum Homepage. Thanks a lot Jaroslav Holaň.

KPhotoAlbum enters message freeze + price drawing contest10 Dec 2006

Today KPhotoAlbum entered message freeze, and is now ready to be translated. The release will happen Dec 31th 2006.

To bring a bit of attention to the great work the translators do I've started a small prize drawing contest which those with a complete translation of KPA participate in. The prize is $100.

I completely understands that $100 is not a whole lot of money, and this is merely to show some appreciation of their contribution.

Technicalities regarding the drawing:
Every person or team that has translated the messages in the application get one entry in the draw. Every person or team that has translated the user manual gets two entries in the draw. Only translations that are 100% complete counts.

The prize is $100 and will be transfered using paypal, so it is your responsibility to have a paypal account.

I'll extract the list of who checked in a revision latest in SVN (on dec 31th), and trust that the teams will figure out how to share the price in case several people contributed. (Heck in best case you will be able to go a couple of people to dinner, we are not talking millions here :-)

New snapshot + message freeze09 Dec 2006

A new snapshot has just been released, and at the same time, this means that KPhotoAlbum just have entered message freeze. No new feature, no new message strings, no minor tiny bugfixes, no, now it is almost time for a release party.

This does at the same time mean that everyone who have the slightest understanding of how to use a compiler should install this snapshot, so we can get as many bugs out of the way while waiting for the translators to do their magic.

New snapshot - KPA is frozen now15 Nov 2006

OK that is it, now KPA is really really frozen. Everyone please try KPA now and report every single issue you see. I will, however, try and prioritize bugs so that we can get something released now. ETA for the release 2007! Well jan 1th 00:00 2007 ;-)

New snapshot - KPA is soon freezing up15 Nov 2006

Yet another weekend working hard on KPhotoAlbum to get us closer to a release. Please everyone hold back anything but important bugs, so I can get the next version out of the door soon, plleeeeeeaaaase.

This snapshot is only bugfixes compared to the last one, except one new feature that Christoph Moseler managed to talk me into including. This features adds the possibilities to see categories in the thumbnail viewer. Also it is now also possible to assign tokens in the category viewer.

Great new Snapshot07 Nov 2006

This weekend was a blast! I got really a lot of KPhotoAlbum work done. Two major things to report for this snapshot: 1) I now consider the video support done (I tried it with MPlayer, Kaffein, and Kaboodle). 2) I reworked the patch from a long time ago for pixel by pixel viewing, and that has the awesome effect that loading the first image is now much faster (technically, I now load it in view size (say 1024x768) rather than in full size, and only load the full size once needed)