KDE 4 porting started of KPhotoAlbum01 Jul 2007

April 4th I got married, and at the same time I bought a house. Marriage doesn't take much extra time, but a house certainly does!

But this weekend I'm in Glasgow, and fortunately the terrorist missed me - actually I arrived in Glasgow 1 hour prior to the attach.

So this is the time, now I've started porting KPhotoAlbum to Qt4/KDE4, stay tuned for more information.

KPhotoAlbum 3.0.1 released.11 Apr 2007

PhotoAlbum 3.0.1 has been released, with huge thanks to Tuomas for pulling this of, the changes are:

  • Don't anymore ignore the selection in the first press of the Plugins menu item, when plugin loading is delayed.
  • In member group tab of the configuration dialog, when changing category from the dropdown list, items from a different category were sometimes added to members listbox. Not anymore.
  • Selecting thumbnails with a mouse made more logical and fixed a bug that sometimes prevented a selected thumbnail to be added into internal selection list.
  • Raw files were rotated twice sometimes. Fixed by Michael J Gruber.
  • Cycles in member group configuration are not possible anymore.

Translation Prize drawing03 Jan 2007

KPhotoAlbum 3.0 has been released with 13 languages completely translated, and another handful close to completely translated. In addition 9 languages contains full online documentation.

A huge thank you to all the translators that did a great job on this.

And now... (drums) to the prize drawing....The winner is the Portuguese team, who will receive the prize on $100. Congratulation!

Now was that a fair drawing?! Well I so much hope so. I at least went out of the way trying to make the drawing as fair as possible. As an added bonus, we had great fun picking the winner, just check out this transcript from IRC

KPhotoAlbum 3.0 released31 Dec 2006

It is with great pride that I here on the very last day of 2006 can announce the release of KPhotoAlbum 3.0

Major new Features

  • KPhotoAlbum is now capable of categorizing and showing videos.
  • Sub-categories are now shown as hierarchies in the browser and in the annotation dialog. In the annotation dialog it is possible to put an item into a sub-category simply by dragging it in there.

Minor new Features

  • In the annotation dialog, it is now possible to scroll the list of selected items, but pressing arrow up and down.
  • While typing in the annotation dialog, hide items that does not match the current typed text.
  • In the viewer it is now possible to use mouse wheel to scroll to the next/prev image.
  • Now it is possible to specify the icon size in used in the browser - esp usefull for showing larger images for persons in an icon view.
  • It is now possible to use the search bar in the main window, when showing folders.
  • The checkboxes in the annotation dialog are now tristate, which means that there are no need for the "merge" and "remove" checkboxes.
  • Ensure every action's keybinding in the viewer is configurable
  • Warn the user at start up if not all features are installed.
  • New splash screen.
  • It is now possible to bring up the exif dialog from the viewer.
  • New option to show categories in the thumbnail view. Now it is also possible to set tokens directly in the thumbnail view.
  • Show mega pixel in info box, and zoom factor in viewer.
  • It is now possible to see the images in pixel by pixel mode.

Important Bugfixes

  • Selection using the shift key and mouse button was broken if selected spanned several pages.
  • Improved the selection handling in the thumbnail viewer.
  • Changing the label for an image in the annotation dialog did not result in the label being updated in the thumbnail view.
  • When renaming a category also rename the category thumbnails.
  • Fixed a crash happening when saving after a category had been renamed, and that category was included in the privacy settings.
  • Use alternate EXIF reading code in case EXIV2 is not installed.
  • Bugfix: The panes in the annotation dialog would not show up correctly in translated version of KPhotoAlbum.
  • Translated version of KPA would display image dates in English, but expect month input in the translated language. This has now been fixed so it expected input in English too.
  • Somehow running the viewer always forced it to show in a new window, that was definitely against the design.
  • Searching for description did not work.
  • Improved support for the flickr plug-in. Now tags are correctly uploaded.
  • Finally nailed down the bug where the annotation dialog did not show the first image preview.
  • Directories only show the filename part now in the browser category directories.
  • Fixed problem with windows layout not being read correctly if any category name contains non-latin1 character.
  • In the settings dialog you were asked if you really wanted to delete a category. Despite your answer it would be deleted nevertheless.
  • Renamed Persons to People and Locations to Places.
  • Save configurations of special categories (should they be shown in the viewer etc).

Special Thank you

I'd like to bring a special thank you to the following people:

  • Christoph Moseler for numerous bug fixes and feature enhancements (among other support for setting tokens in the thumbnail view).
  • Clytie Siddall for helping out with the English text.
  • Baptiste Mathus for lots of bug hunting
  • Henner Zeller for support in the viewer for showing mega pixels
  • Mark Jaroski for improved support for the flicker plug-in.
  • Robert L Krawitz for improving the video detection, and for the pixel by pixel feature

New Homepage Layout30 Dec 2006

The winner of the splash screen competition has kindly created a new layout for the KPhotoAlbum Homepage. Thanks a lot Jaroslav Holaň.

KPhotoAlbum enters message freeze + price drawing contest10 Dec 2006

Today KPhotoAlbum entered message freeze, and is now ready to be translated. The release will happen Dec 31th 2006.

To bring a bit of attention to the great work the translators do I've started a small prize drawing contest which those with a complete translation of KPA participate in. The prize is $100.

I completely understands that $100 is not a whole lot of money, and this is merely to show some appreciation of their contribution.

Technicalities regarding the drawing:
Every person or team that has translated the messages in the application get one entry in the draw. Every person or team that has translated the user manual gets two entries in the draw. Only translations that are 100% complete counts.

The prize is $100 and will be transfered using paypal, so it is your responsibility to have a paypal account.

I'll extract the list of who checked in a revision latest in SVN (on dec 31th), and trust that the teams will figure out how to share the price in case several people contributed. (Heck in best case you will be able to go a couple of people to dinner, we are not talking millions here :-)