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Transscript of Price Drawing

[23:11:44] <blackie> Hi, does anyone have 3 minutes to be judges when I draw the winner in the translation prize drawing for KPA?
[23:14:18] * pradeepto hugs blackie
[23:14:35] <blackie> pradeepto: I'll take that as a yes, I can help 2 minutes?
[23:14:59] <pradeepto> no problem, take your time.
[23:17:11] <blackie> pradeepto: OK, I need to pick a random team to win the prize, I'll mail you a list that consist of the language names. First are all those with a full translation, next comes those with full documentation too. Those will full documentation gets two chances at the prices. Thus da e.g. has a full translation plus a full doc, so you will see da three times in the list.
[23:17:59] <pradeepto> okies
[23:18:17] <blackie> pradeepto: now grep that list from your mail, and pipe it through. hmmm I wonder how to randomize a list on unix...
[23:18:38] <pradeepto> blackie: you know my email id? :O
[23:18:39] <blackie> Ohh well I guess at random you need to simply assign a random number ot each entry
[23:18:53] <pradeepto> HAR HAR HAR
[23:19:12] <blackie> then I'll pick a number, and if anyone said I cheated I'll point at you :-)
[23:19:14] <blackie> Ready?
[23:19:42] <pradeepto> yes...
[23:19:55] * pradeepto wonders if this is going to be as easy as poker
[23:20:03] <blackie> LOL
[23:20:13] <blackie> Did you assing random numbers?
[23:20:59] <pradeepto> to each of the list elements?
[23:21:07] <blackie> yeah
[23:21:33] <blackie> When you have done that I'll say that the number with entry X is the winner.
[23:21:41] <blackie> and you will tell me who X is.
[23:21:48] <pradeepto> no wait a moment... I will just assign random vals from 1-22 for each of the group ok
[23:22:08] <blackie> correct
[23:24:02] <pradeepto> ok first group ( Jesper remember that some numbers can be missing becasue of less candidates )
[23:24:15] <pradeepto> just send the $100 in that case ok
[23:24:18] <pradeepto> :P
[23:24:23] <blackie> :-)
[23:24:39] <blackie> I'm not sure you get it :-)
[23:25:33] <blackie> Just take all the 35 stirngs I mailed you, and randomize them, so you maybe get da, es, et, ..., da, .. (notice da will be there three times)
[23:26:15] <pradeepto> yes
[23:26:40] <blackie> So now you got a list of 35 strings in random order?
[23:26:42] <pradeepto> oh I grouped them in 3 sets, thinking they were 3 sets
[23:28:51] <pradeepto> blackie: I think I got confused, I assigned them random numbers yes, but the 3 sets were exclusive I thought
[23:29:05] <pradeepto> are they? aren't they?
[23:29:06] <blackie> no just merge the three sets
[23:29:14] <pradeepto> oh ok
[23:29:40] * pradeepto increases the count from 22 to 35
[23:30:15] <blackie> the first part are those with a complete translation, they will get one ticket each, the next two sets are those with complete doc, they will get two ticket for that, thus the list is twice.
[23:31:07] <blackie> pradeepto: So you should end up with a permutation of this list: ca,da,de,es,et,fr,it,ja,nl,pl,pt,pt_BR,sv,da,de,es,et,fr,it,nl,pt,sv,da,de,es,et,fr,it,nl,pt,sv
[23:31:43] <pradeepto> ok
[23:33:05] <pradeepto> ok this really felt like shuffling the cards.
[23:33:14] <blackie> lol
[23:33:17] <pradeepto> who wants to cut the card?
[23:33:23] <pradeepto> shally I burn even?
[23:33:27] <blackie> sure
[23:33:35] <pradeepto> blackie: see I have been practising :P
[23:33:39] <pradeepto> ok now what?
[23:33:39] <blackie> :-)
[23:33:59] <blackie> OK, I'll pick a random number form 1 to 35, and you will tell me which item it is, ready?
[23:34:16] <blackie> anyone else around that can double check pradeepto ?
[23:34:27] <> blackie: is it PI! ?
[23:34:34] <blackie> PI?
[23:34:41] <frerich> blackie: I could do it, if I knew how
[23:34:47] <pradeepto> blackie: pick on between 1-33 or something ... 2 nos are for spaces in the list
[23:34:55] <frerich> It looks like a fun game. I would like to buy an 'E'.
[23:35:04] <blackie> frerich: OK, simple, pradeepto /msg the list to frerich
[23:35:16] <frerich> Exciting!
[23:35:25] <> yes. Pi; like 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459230781640628620899862803482534211706
[23:35:28] <> etc..
[23:35:39] <blackie> pradeepto: errhh the sames was just for each, they should not be in the list :-)
[23:35:42] <frerich> pradeepto: If you give me half of the money you win, I will claim whoever you say is the winner is indeed the winner.
[23:35:46] <blackie> ThomasZ: Ah :-)
[23:36:01] <pradeepto> frerich: half is too much
[23:36:07] <blackie> Corruption all over the place these daus ai? :-)
[23:36:15] <frerich> pradeepto: but I know the de teamleader rather well!
[23:36:19] <frerich> hehe
[23:36:23] <frerich> blackie: I have the list now
[23:36:30] <blackie> awesome, and the winner is...
[23:36:32] <blackie> drums
[23:36:33] <pradeepto> blackie: I ain't paying half to anymore
[23:36:46] <pradeepto> yes?
[23:36:48] <pradeepto> go on
[23:36:52] <frerich> Do we count from zero? :}
[23:36:55] <blackie> actually, ThomasZ pick a number between 1 and 32 will you.
[23:37:00] <pradeepto> 1-31
[23:37:09] <blackie> ok
[23:37:14] <pradeepto> blackie: I see you and raise you
[23:37:20] <blackie> 1-31 = -30
[23:37:26] <blackie> hmmm is that a valid number?
[23:37:32] <frerich> ;-)
[23:37:37] <blackie> Now I'm confused :-)
[23:37:38] <> blackie: a natural number? And if I pick it, then what?
[23:38:01] <pradeepto> ThomasZ: pick a complex number, I will choose the real part then
[23:38:04] <frerich> ThomasZ: We could tell you,but then we would have to kill you
[23:38:09] <blackie> ThomasZ: yes a natural one, and if you pick it, someone will believe you are the hero of the day
[23:38:35] * frerich thinks the effort of making this fair blackie is undergoing is amazing
[23:38:41] <pradeepto> 3.142....
[23:38:52] <frerich> Of course, we have three europeans involved, which makes things biased.
[23:38:57] <pradeepto> frerich: lets change the order again ...
[23:39:03] <pradeepto> :P
[23:39:03] <> blackie: I'm not sure what this is for; but I wrote down a number on paper here. Now what?
[23:39:06] <frerich> ;-)
[23:39:18] <blackie> ThomasZ: well write it here.
[23:39:18] <frerich> ThomasZ: Tell us the number
[23:39:20] <pradeepto> ThomasZ: snail mail the number to denmark
[23:39:25] <blackie> :-)
[23:39:25] <pradeepto> India
[23:39:25] * frerich laughs
[23:39:34] <pradeepto> and Germany
[23:39:36] <pradeepto> I think
[23:39:40] * frerich nods to pradeepto
[23:39:44] <blackie> This is worth all the $100 I'm spending on this :-)
[23:40:01] <> pradeepto: naturally; thats even more funny for you then it is for me ;)
[23:40:04] <> blackie: 23
[23:40:04] <blackie> ThomasZ: come on, you can tell us
[23:40:04] <frerich> ThomasZ: For christs sake, give us the number already, I'm so *excited*!
[23:40:10] <blackie> YES! WE HAVE A WINNER
[23:40:42] <blackie> hmmm now frerich and pradeepto have to tell us who that is
[23:40:45] <> We do? Cool! Who is it?
[23:40:47] <pradeepto> Hola! Gracias!
[23:40:50] <frerich> Man counting such a long list is quite some effort. I'll go AFK for 15minutes to get some rest.
[23:40:58] <blackie> Ohhh now, now come the question on whether the list is zero or one based.
[23:41:07] <pradeepto> 1 based for me
[23:41:16] <blackie> :-)
[23:41:22] <blackie> yes?
[23:41:24] <frerich> pradeepto: So what did you find out?
[23:41:39] <pradeepto> blackie: come on ThomasZ made us all wait for so long ...
[23:41:44] <pradeepto> I am counting ...
[23:41:47] <pradeepto> 1
[23:41:47] <pradeepto> 2
[23:41:49] <pradeepto> 3
[23:41:49] * ThomasZ walks away from this weird setting. Kinda feeling I was conned into doing something silly
[23:41:50] <pradeepto> 4
[23:41:55] <frerich> pradeepto: It's "pt" for me
[23:42:10] <pradeepto> frerich: from 0 is it?
[23:42:15] <frerich> pradeepto: No, from 1
[23:42:45] <pradeepto> Yes!
[23:42:51] <pradeepto> pt it is...
[23:42:53] <blackie> awesome, we have a winner :-)
[23:42:55] <blackie> pt is polish, right?
[23:42:57] <pradeepto> blackie: .pt
[23:43:07] <pradeepto> portuguese? no?
[23:43:19] * blackie better check it on the net.
[23:43:37] <frerich> hehe
[23:43:40] <blackie> Anyway frerich, pradeepto, and ThomasZ thanks for your efford, it was great fun.
[23:43:48] <> blackie: :)
[23:43:49] <frerich> Pretty funny yes heh
[23:43:51] <pradeepto> what thanks? I want my $$$
[23:44:15] <frerich> blackie: I think it's a really cool move to give translators some reward
[23:44:15] * ThomasZ pushes some monepoly money in the direction of pradeepto
[23:44:19] <pradeepto> frerich: we could have made up something you know ... crap
[23:44:36] <frerich> pradeepto: Yes, I only realize the opporturnities now.
[23:44:37] <blackie> :-)
[23:44:54] <pradeepto> blackie: yes it was fun, now next time you are the banker atleast give me extra poker money :P
[23:45:19] <blackie> Portuguese indeed it is
[23:45:26] <pradeepto> yay!
[23:46:01] <frerich> And they had three tickets, too
[23:46:39] <blackie> frerich, pradeepto, ThomasZ: This was so much fun I'd like to put the transscript of this online, any objection?

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