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Tuomas Suutari

Tuomas Suutari
Located:Laitila, Finland
Area of responsibilites:SQL backend
Since:May 2006

Tuomas's first touch to code of KPhotoAlbum was in summer of 2006 when he started working on the SQL backend as a Google Summer of Code project. Unfortunately the time ran out and the backend was not finished.

After the GSoC project Tuomas has spent his time mostly with his mathematics studies (at University of Turku) and of course playing house with his beloved wife Anne. Currently the studies are on hold, because Tuomas found a real job as a software developer.

Henner Zeller

Henner Zeller
Located:Sunnyvale, California
Area of responsibilites:Bugfixes, improvements in thumbnail display
Since:November 2006

I think it was somewhere in 2003 when my 'organizing' of photos in directories got out of hand and a colleague of mine pointed me to kimdaba (now kphotoalbum) which I instantly loved. Back then I had the one or other idea to contribute, but was swamped with work.

As far as I remember, I started sending small patches in November 2006 (or at least I was starting coding on my machine), but was then distracted a bit by work and girlfriend so that I was only working on small patches every now and then. I actually came back making more considerable contributions before/in and after the kphotoalbum developer sprint in 2008.

I posted bugfixes, improvements in thumbnail display speed and together with Jan the image stacking during the developer sprint.

Right now, I am not working on anything, but at some point I want to add search-as-you-type (with instantly updating matching thumbnails). Performance improvements. Nicer thumbnail view and simple operational image manipulation concepts (like non-destructive cropping or the image parameters (such as white balance) to display raw-images).

Henner is generally a software writing addict, but sometimes is on the internet drug as well. He is living in the California Bay Area.

He used to work for a small, highly effective software company in Hamburg, Germany ( ), then moved to Zurich, Switzerland to work for Google that he now continues to do so in Mountain View, California.

Thomas Pircher

Thomas Pircher
Located:Cambridge, United Kingdom
Area of responsibilites:Patches, bug fixes
Since:June 2009

Martin Jaburek

Martin Jaburek
Located:Prague, Czech republic
Area of responsibilites:Minor webpages updates
Since:October 2007

I have joined this project recently. I'm no coding whiz, so instead I help out with some updates to web pages.

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