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New snapshot with improved Thumbnail Viewer, Exif Database working, and more

21 Jul 2009 19:46 +0000

A new snapshot has been created, the highlights are:

  • Add a keybinding for delete in the viewer that will take the image of the display list. This is useful when comparing a number of images and want to take the worst one away every time to find the best one. Thanks to Wes Hardaker for a patch implementing this.
  • Now it is possible to chose the thumbnail storage format from the settings dialog (ppm files which we used by default are pretty large, so on limited disk space you may wish to choose jpg instead to trade some speed for disk space. (thanks to Franck Sicard for a patch for this)
  • To move items around in the thumbnail viewer, you now first have to select them, then move them. This makes it so much easier to select items, as you do not have to find an empty space to start.
  • new (non round) look of the thumbnail viweer
  • Refactored the code of the thumbnail viewer, so it now is much more clean and understandable.
  • Exif database insertion works again. Thanks to Matthias Fussel
  • Fixed bug #199629 - new images don't trigger dirty state, thanks Matthias Fussel
  • Fixed bug #150971 - disable too low zoom levels, thanks to alexjironkin AT

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New snapshot

11 Jul 2009 15:40 +0000

A new snapshot has been created, the highlights are:

  • Now it is possible to add a category image from a context menu, which makes that process much faster (this fixes bug #195023). Thanks to Thomas Pircher for the work on that.
  • Resizing the category overview page now is done without the actual thumbnails, that makes it much faster and much more smooth
  • Improved focus handling in the annotation dialog
  • Made the icons in the thumbnail viewer nicer (round and with a 3D effect)
  • Added support for searching by rating.
  • Much improved HTML export by Miika Turkia
  • Added support for rating multiple images at once in the annotation dialog.

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New snapshot

30 Jun 2009 09:00 +0000

A new snapshot has been created, the highlights are:

  • Made it much more explicit when done tagging images:
    • An item for showing images not yet tagged are available in the browser
    • A configuration option is available for specifying which category and tag should be used to specify untagged images.
    • This tag is set on images when loaded in
    • This tag is removed when selecting "done tagging" in the annotation dialog. It is also possible to select "continue later" in that dialog
  • Speed up browsing of categories with many sub categories. This took browsing from the order of magnitude of half minutes to a second.
  • Added new theme for HTML pages which includes improved support using java script. (Thanks to Miika Turkia for a patch for this)
  • Added support for a copyright tag on the HTML generated pages (Thanks to Miika Turkia for a patch for this)
  • A number of bugfixes.

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New web pages

25 Jun 2009 15:35 +0000

It is not everything that is visible to the eye! One of those things is the new revision of the KPhotoAlbum website. Every change this time has happen behind the screen, where Martin Jaburek have rewritten it all to now use PHP. Previously the sidebar was duplicated in each an every web page - trust me that was no fun to maintain.

New snapshot with improved Browser

13 Jun 2009 16:35 +0000

A new snapshot has been made today, which includes a brand new browser, see details and download from the snapshot page.

new browser

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