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New snapshot with improved Browser

13 Jun 2009 16:35 +0000

A new snapshot has been made today, which includes a brand new browser, see details and download from the snapshot page.

new browser

New section on getting involved on KPhotoAlbum website

12 Jun 2009 18:55 +0000

A brand new section has been added to the KPhotoAlbum web site helping people getting involved. Give it a try

Among other things, a number of junior tasks have been identified - that is tasks, that will help you get started with the code without loosing too much hair.

This weekend Jesper (as the last 3-4 weekends) will be working on KPhotoAlbum all day, so join him on the IRC channel, to get started with your contribution.

Tuomas is getting married today!

06 Jun 2009 08:30 +0000

Today, our KPhotoAlbum developer Tuomas, will hopefully remember how to say YES! in Finnish, to his wife to be.

All the best to Tuomas and his soon-to-be-wife from the KPhotoAlbum community!

KPhotoAlbum 4.0.1 released

21 May 2009 17:00 +0000

A new bugfix release have been made of KPhotoAlbum. Changes since the 4.0 release are:

  • The handbook are now included in the package
  • Fix compilation with new Marble and armel (Marble changed API again)
  • fixed bug #186807 - no cancel button in "create own database dialog
  • fixed bug #192385 - it was not possible to hide items in the annotation between sessions.
  • Changed default shortcut for copy from previous image in the annotation dialog to Alt+insert, as control+insert was eaten by the line edits, and the shortcut did thus not work when they had the keyboard focus.
  • BUGFIX: The HTML generator did not display the available themes correctly. Thanks to for a patch for this.
  • BUGFIX: Invoke external application for multiple files did not work. Thanks to for a patch for this.

Competition: Make the coolest KPhotoAlbum demo video and win $100

12 May 2009 08:00 +0000

Years ago I got the idea to record some demo videos for KPhotoAlbum, you can see them on the video section of the homepage. Despite how informative they are, they are getting outdated (for one thing they are using the old name for the application - KimDaBa - all the time).

Today I therefore launch a new competition to record the coolest demo video for KPhotoAlbum, and everyone can participate. The prize is $100 (payed using paypal).

The rules

  • The competition ends on Sunday June 14th 2009, 23:59 CET
  • Once the competition is over, everyone from the KPhotoAlbum mailing list gets one vote (details on voting is mailed later)
  • To participate, you must upload a video on youtube making a showcase for KPhotoAlbum, one of its features, a way that you like working with it, or whatever you think would be useful to newcomers of KPhotoAlbum.
  • The video must be recorded using KPhotoAlbum 4.0 - please mail The KPhotoAlbum mailing list if you have any problems installing that version.
  • Also, please mail a short description of the video.
  • All videos will be linked to from the video section of the homepage
  • You may submit as many videos to the competition as you like

Some technical hints

You are completely free to choose your styles, resolution, etc, but for the video to be useful to most users, I suggest:

  • Keep the length of a video to at most 5 minutes
  • Limit the resolution to 800x600
  • Make sure to speak loud an clearly
  • English is the preferred language, both for GUI and voice
  • Write a script before recording, so you know what to do
  • I found that the application recordmydesktop was a nice tool for recording such a video.
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