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KPhotoAlbum 3.1.1 Released

17 Feb 2008 20:00 +0000

It's our pleasure to announce availability of a new bugfix release of great photo and video tagging tool, KPhotoAlbum. It is available from standard place or from your favorite distribution's package database.

While new features are being added to the KDE4 version, we have decided to roll out a bugfix release that fixes some issues people have reported. This is probably the last release based on KDE3 code.

Bugs fixed include numerous improvements in the KIPI Plugins interface, fullscreen fix for some Ubuntu users and usability improvements.

KPhotoAlbum 3.1.0 Released

23 Nov 2007 01:14 +0000

It's our pleasure to announce availability of new release of a great photo and video tagging tool, KPhotoAlbum. It is available from standard place or from your favorite distribution's package database.

New killing features™:

  • IPTC support
  • More RAW formats are recognized

Usability improvements:

  • No need to use "Select All" before launching Viewer
  • Allow copying tags from previous image in Annotation Dialog
  • Edit->Copy menu for copying a list of images to clipboard
  • Mouse cursor hiding in Viewer

And of course also many bug fixes and speed improvements.

Release notes:

  • If you decide to build with EXIF support (you should), KPA now requires exiv2-0.15 or higher
  • If you want RAW file support, please use libkdcraw-0.1.1 or newer

KDE 4 porting started of KPhotoAlbum

01 Jul 2007 13:01 +0000

April 4th I got married, and at the same time I bought a house. Marriage doesn't take much extra time, but a house certainly does!

But this weekend I'm in Glasgow, and fortunately the terrorist missed me - actually I arrived in Glasgow 1 hour prior to the attach.

So this is the time, now I've started porting KPhotoAlbum to Qt4/KDE4, stay tuned for more information.

KPhotoAlbum 3.0.1 released.

11 Apr 2007 10:44 +0000

PhotoAlbum 3.0.1 has been released, with huge thanks to Tuomas for pulling this of, the changes are:

  • Don't anymore ignore the selection in the first press of the Plugins menu item, when plugin loading is delayed.
  • In member group tab of the configuration dialog, when changing category from the dropdown list, items from a different category were sometimes added to members listbox. Not anymore.
  • Selecting thumbnails with a mouse made more logical and fixed a bug that sometimes prevented a selected thumbnail to be added into internal selection list.
  • Raw files were rotated twice sometimes. Fixed by Michael J Gruber.
  • Cycles in member group configuration are not possible anymore.

Translation Prize drawing

03 Jan 2007 22:12 +0000

KPhotoAlbum 3.0 has been released with 13 languages completely translated, and another handful close to completely translated. In addition 9 languages contains full online documentation.

A huge thank you to all the translators that did a great job on this.

And now... (drums) to the prize drawing....The winner is the Portuguese team, who will receive the prize on $100. Congratulation!

Now was that a fair drawing?! Well I so much hope so. I at least went out of the way trying to make the drawing as fair as possible. As an added bonus, we had great fun picking the winner, just check out this transcript from IRC

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