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The Icon View stay and gets improved

20 Aug 2006 20:20 +0000

A few weeks ago I was considering throwing the icon view used in the browser out, but by accident I tried it with a larger icon size, and found that to be really useful. So now it is possible (in SVN) to configure the icon size, to e.g. look like this:

Iconview screenshot

Jesper's Personal Blog

11 Aug 2006 17:18 +0000

If you want to see what I'm up to, how KPhotoAlbum development is coming along, why not have a look at my Blog.

Progress of SQL database back-end

06 Aug 2006 09:42 +0000

Tuomas Suutari is working on a Google Summer Of Code for adding an SQL backend to KPhotoAlbum, and I asked him to provide all of us with a progress report, so here it is.

I just merged changes from my developing branch to actual KPhotoAlbum source code tree (i.e. trunk). This means that now there is already some kind of alpha version of the SQL back-end in KPhotoAlbum.

Currently it's capable of storing almost all the information that the XML back-end does. Only member maps are not yet saved. But code for that is almost ready.

Next stage is to get error handling work, so when connection to database server fails, back-end does something more reasonable than just crashes. And also optimize few database calls to be more SQL friendly. (This is because currently many parts in the code assume that database is in fast memory, which leads to quite different approach than with SQL storage.) Then some kind of configuration dialog has to be done, so user can type username and password to server somewhere.

So there is still some work to do, but things seem promising. Though still some more testing of the back-end has to be done after the SoC project, but you'll get the SQL support eventually.

KPhotoAlbum news feed

05 Aug 2006 10:59 +0000

KPhotoAlbum's news section can now be monitored through your favorite RSS reader, simply point it to, or in case it don't understand the first.

Google Summer of Code Project on KPhotoAlbum

24 May 2006 22:00 +0000

Yesterday the google summer of code projects was chosen, and I'm happy to announce that Tuomas Suutari (thsuut AT utu DOT fi) was elected to work on KPhotoAlbum. Here is his description of the project:

As you maybe already know, currently KPhotoAlbum stores its data in an XML file. This file is read into memory on start up, and is written to disk when saving.

Jesper suggested on the KPhotoAlbum mailing list that someone would add support for SQL database back-end as a Google Summer of Code project. He has already made a proof of concept implementation for making the back end pluggable.

When I got that mail, I immediately realized that this would be a cool project for me, because I use KPhotoAlbum regularly and love programming.

Adding possibility to save image database into SQL database could provide at least following improvements:

  • scale better for large photo collections (uses less memory)
  • make KPhotoAlbum start and close faster (no loading/saving of the XML file)
  • add possibility to access the database by multiple users at the same time

The last bullet is really the biggest improvement to many users, who might want multiple people to tag the set of images at the same time, and perhaps allow for adding information from say a web interface.

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