KPhotoAlbum 5.5 released and new project maintainer

April 28, 2019

We're pleased to announce the newest release of KPhotoAlbum, the photo management software for KDE/Linux.

This release is mostly about optimization and bugfixes. Most notably, we now support compilation with exiv2 0.27. Also, using mplayer for video thumbnail generation has now been removed, leaving the task for ffmpeg. Please also notice that, starting with this release, at least Qt 5.9 is required to build KPhotoAlbum.

Other changes from the ChangeLog:

Thanks to everybody who put work in this release. The git log lists the following individuals (with me being only responsible for the release this time ;-)

New official project maintainer

Apart from this, we're very happy to now have a new official maintainer!

Jesper "blackie" Pedersen (the original project maintainer and founder of KimDaBa/KPhotoAlbum) announced his retirement from the project a long time ago, back in 2012.

Mostly, Johannes Zierl-Zarl lead the project commissarially since, at least from 2014 on when I joined it (and still, the fact that I even know a bit about C++/Qt coding and that I'm a KDE developer now are mostly caused by him being a forbearing, tireless and competent coach).
Now, quite some time later, he's officially the project leader. And fore sure, he's the one who knows his way around in more than 80,000 lines of KPA code.

So thanks once again to Jesper for founding this nice project and maintaining it for years! And big thanks to Johannes for accepting his inheritance and continuing to care about KPhotoAlbum!

— Tobias