KPhotoAlbum 5.0.1 released

November 05, 2016

We are very pleased to announce the new release KPhotoAlbum 5.0.1.

What's new

Version 5.0.1 builds against the new KDE Frameworks libraries and uses Qt5. It does not depend on kde4libssupport, so it's a "real" KF5 program. All depreceated code has be reworked to match the current recommendations.

It's feature-complete, meaning everything that our KDE4/Qt4 version could do has been ported and works (again).

It has been quite a long time since our last release, which also means that a lot of testing has been done. It should be safe to use KPA 5.0.1 (at least, it didn't eat my database ;-), but it should still be considered a bit beta-ish due to the lack of a large number of users having tested it out.

As always: if you find some bug or issue, please contact us.


The version number seems a bit odd (as we skipped 5.0.0). Here's why: at first, this was intended to be a beta release. We tagged one (5.0-beta1), but found severe bugs shortly after, so we decided to withdraw it. Later, we tagged another one (5.0-beta2), but our tag name didn't match the version names suggested by the KDE folks. So we tagged another one (5.0.0) just to find out the KF5 release scripts wouldn't work with our automatic versionning infrastructure anymore. So we had to tag another one, and thats is 5.0.1, because tags are permanent and the version number had to be increased each time ;-)

Thanks to everybody involved

The main (porting) work has been done (as usual) by Johannes Zarl-Zierl. But of course also many thanks to everybody else who has put work in this release and contributed code and/or bugreports! The git log prints out the following individuals who have pushed code:

Have a lot of fun with our new KF5 KPA!

— Tobias