KPhotoAlbum 4.5 released

July 15, 2014

Today we are happy to release KPhotoAlbum 4.5, a new version of a photo management and tagging application for KDE. Read on to learn about all of these changes - there are quite a few, after all it has been a year and a half since KPhotoAlbum 4.4 was released.

Android client of KPhotoAlbum

If you have an Android tablet (and a spouse or a kid that would like to see your images) then this is likely the most interesting change to you. If you don't have all of the above, then it likely doesn't mean much to you :-)

The Android client is available on google play. It requires KPhotoAlbum 4.5 as the client isn't a stand alone application, but rather a viewer for your existing database running on the desktop.

View the video on KPhotoAlbum on Android

Positional Tags

Another major feature in KPhotoAlbum 4.5 is positional tags. These allow you to tag individual sections of an image (say people).

View the video on positional tags in KPhotoAlbum 4.5

This feature was contributed by Tobias Leupold, welcome to the KPhotoAlbum team!

Improved saving speed

When I did a git log to see exactly what had changed since the latest release, I was surprised to see this on the list, as I was rather sure it already was in the previous release. I was wrong, so read this blog on speeding up saving to see what is in store for you.

Lots of other changes

Below you can see a list of other changes and bug fixes, which is far from complete.

Thank you to everyone involved.

I wont even try to list what individuals contributed, but git log shows these names, so thanks for your contribution!:

— Jesper.