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Getting ready for release

11 Mar 2006 23:00 +0000

It has been a very long time ago since the last release, and a lot of good things are in there now. So now is now, I've started release procedure as of today, expect a release within the next two month.

Message Freeze

18 Mar 2006 23:00 +0000

KPhotoAlbum just entered message freeze today, and is planned to be released on Monday April 10th.

11 Mar 2006 23:00 +0000

The domain now points to this site.

KimDaBa has been renamed to KPhotoAlbum

13 Jan 2006 23:00 +0000

Over the years I've learned that the casual user doesn't think he needs an image database (which was what KimDaBa meant). So hopefully a rename to KPhotoAlbum will help the user see the need for the application. Funny enough, KPhotoAlbum was my very very very first name for the application way before it went public.

Snapshot package available - Now with a new thumbnail viewer

11 Jan 2006 23:00 +0000


Over the Christmas holidays I got utterly annoyed by the thumbnail viewer - well it has been a pain in the back for a long time, because it had bugs I was unable to solve despite days of investigation, and because it did not allow me to configure the look and feel very well. Therefore I rewrote it from scratch.

The result is a much better looking thumbnail viewer, and as an added bonus, scrolling is now much faster than with the old one. In addition I stole an idea from Bibble wrt to resizing the thumbnails - now simple press the middle mouse button, and move it to resize the thumbnails.

Thumbnail screenshot Thumbnail screenshot

Initially I planned to throw away support for reordering images, but public demand made me change my mind. However, KPhotoAlbum will now ask for permission before doing the actual reordering, which hopefully will avoid that people get their images reordered by accident.

Finally, as an added bonus, it was now very simple to implement a request I've heard a few times, namely the possibility to specify if thumbnails show be shown with the newest one first or last. So I implemented that request ;-)

I created a new snapshot which you may find from the side bar, choose Download->snapshots.

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