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New snapshot - KPA is soon freezing up

14 Nov 2006 23:21 +0000

Yet another weekend working hard on KPhotoAlbum to get us closer to a release. Please everyone hold back anything but important bugs, so I can get the next version out of the door soon, plleeeeeeaaaase.

This snapshot is only bugfixes compared to the last one, except one new feature that Christoph Moseler managed to talk me into including. This features adds the possibilities to see categories in the thumbnail viewer. Also it is now also possible to assign tokens in the category viewer.

Great new Snapshot

07 Nov 2006 19:47 +0000

This weekend was a blast! I got really a lot of KPhotoAlbum work done. Two major things to report for this snapshot: 1) I now consider the video support done (I tried it with MPlayer, Kaffein, and Kaboodle). 2) I reworked the patch from a long time ago for pixel by pixel viewing, and that has the awesome effect that loading the first image is now much faster (technically, I now load it in view size (say 1024x768) rather than in full size, and only load the full size once needed)

New snapshot

23 Oct 2006 12:30 +0000

Time flies doesn't it? I've started on some business classes, which drains me for a lot of time, so progress has slowed down a lot. Never the less I managed to get a few bugs fixed, so here a new snapshot is now available.

The votes have been counted, and KPhotoAlbum now has a new splash screen

28 Sep 2006 11:56 +0000

The votes have been counted, and KPhotoAlbum now has a new splash screen. Congratulation to the winner Jaroslav Holaň.

Splash Screen

New Snapshot available

24 Sep 2006 16:42 +0000

As you might have been able to tell, I've returned back home from my one year hotel stay, and besides spending more time with my girlfriend, I've started studying in the evening two nights a week. This has taking time away from KPA work, but I'm still slowly advancing towards the next release.

Today I got a few hours of work done on KPA in the morning before my girlfriend got out of bed, so I guess it is time for a new snapshot.

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