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Junior Jobs

A junior job, is a job that can be done without too much knowledge about the project. Reworking the backend, or the core datastructures of KPhotoAlbum might not be the best way to start.

A junior job is not just a boring job with an outcome that nobody will use! Actually, some of the junior jobs have been requested by users over and over again over the years!

Find a job that matches you

In bugzilla we have marked a number of issues as junior jobs, along with the entries we have added some text that give some hints on how to get started.

When you have found a job you would like to work on, come to IRC, so we can help you get over some of the bumbs on your road. Some of your issues may be stuff others know of the top of their head, so no reason to spent hours on those.

Get Started

The First Step as a KPhotoAlbum Developer page tells you how to get started checking out, compiling, etc etc.

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