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First Step as a KPhotoAlbum Developer

Once you have decided to participate in the development of KPhotoAlbum, you need to get your hands on the sources. See details on how to check out kphotoalbum from git.

When you have made a change, please mail a patches to the mailing list (see details below).

Please read this page and the build instructions to learn how to compile the sources.

Creating a patch

Imagine you have your changes committed in kphotoalbum-my-commit and the version prior the changes in kphotoalbum-prev-revision, then run this command to produce a patch:

git format-patch kphotoalbum-prev-revision kphotoalbum-my-commit

You can mail the patch that is produced by this command to the KPhotoAlbum mailing list.

Getting git write access

Once you have supplied a number of patches, it is time to get your own git account. While sending patches is a great way for you to align up with coding standards and ways of doing things in KPhotoAlbum, it is not effective on a larger scale.

Read How to get read-write developer access.

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