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3 Minute Tour

Browser overview screenshot

The main feature of KPhotoAlbum is its browser. It allows you to browse through the annotations you've made on your images. The default categories in KPhotoAlbum are Persons, Locations, and Keywords. Does these categories not match your needs, then you may add new categories yourself.

Browser persons screenshot

In the browser, you may choose a category, this will show all the items of that category. When you've chosen an item from a category, you will again be back at the main page of the browser, this time, however, in scope of your current selection, meaning you will only see information about those images matching the item chosen in the category. In the screen shot, I've just chosen Persons.

Back in browser screenshot

In the screen shot at the left you see the result of choosing the person Jesper from my image database. First, notice that you actually see the current scope in the status bar. Next, notice how the counts for categories and images has changed, as a result of us now being in the scope of Jesper (i.e. only viewing images with Jesper on).

Browser result screenshot

If you had a specific image of Jesper in mind, 725 images may still be quite a bit too many, so you may simply continue browsing, choosing another person, a place etc. You may continue browsing to any depth, so you may e.g. in the end only show images taken in Las Vegas with both Jesper and Anne Helene present. The result of this may be seen on the left.

Datebar screenshot

Besides browsing based on categories it is also possible to use the date bar at the bottom of the screen to limit the scope to a certain date range. Such range limit may be seen on the left. The date bar supports multiple resolutions, so each unit may be a year, a month, a week, a day, two hours, or 10 minutes.

Image config screenshot

To be able to browse based on categories, you have to tell KPhotoAlbum about those categories. You do so from the image configuration dialog, which you may see on the left. In the image configuration dialog, you may set properties for a single image at a time, or for a range of images (that way you may specify that all images from your latest party was all taken in Las Vegas). The dialog has been optimized for easy usage, so often it is possible to annotate more than 100 images in 10 minutes. An example of this optimization are the line edits above the list boxes. In those line edits, typing will be completed them from the list box. You can see that in the Location line edit where I've so far only typed an E.

Thumbnail view screenshot

Once you have annotated all your images, you may start your journey down memory lane. When you have narrowed your view to a set of images you wish to see, simply select view images in the browser window. This will bring up the thumbnail view which you may see on the left. From the thumbnail view you may select a set of images, and choose view images from the menu bar, or simply click on an image to view it.

HTML Generation screenshot

KPhotoAlbum generates HTML pages which are easy to navigate and which can be read by everybody despite their monitor size. The pages supports different resolutions, so your mom on a slow line do not have to wait minutes to download 2272x1704 images, that she would had to scroll around on forever to find you on her 800x600 monitor. On the other hand your friends with fast Internet can download the full resolution images for printing.

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